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Gone are the days of being discovered
There is no “career path” for actors. No graduate school or entry level positions. No guarantee that your talent alone will get you where you want to go. It’s an unfair game. In order to be successful actors, we must take our careers into our own hands. We must understand we are in business for ourselves. 

Our talent is what we sell, so we must create the most marketable version of our product. We become the Brand, the Marketing Team, the Assistant, and the CEO. We see that we are ENTREPRENEURS. ...And then the game is more fun to play.
ACTOR'S FAST TRACK presents their 4th annual GAME CHANGER in Hollywood. 
AFT is proud to be able to make huge changes in the lives of the actors they work with resulting in more actors discovering their goals, creating the paths to achieving them, and enjoying the amazing results! By helping actors realize their dreams, ACTOR'S FAST TRACK is Changing the Way Actors Do Business.
Actor’s Fast Track actors create a plan and a path that leads to RESULTS
Recently signed with: ICM, Aqua Talent, Eileen O'Farrell, Avalon Artists Agency, BMG, Stewart Talent, to name a few. 

Recently booked: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, This Is Us, The Deuce, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Dietland, among others; two pilots; three feature films including possible Oscar-contender Backseat; several product endorsement deals; and countless commercials.

That’s how AFT actors are playing the game.
  • Come to the Game Changer and enjoy three career-changing days with multiple speakers, classes, and opportunities.
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  • Take charge and change the way You do business!
Valorie Hubbard
The 2019 Game Changer Event will be held at the Westin - LAX Airport
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Valorie Hubbard
Valorie Hubbard
About Your Hostess
Valorie has been a professional actress for over 30 years, building her career in New York working with theatre greats, and continuing in Los Angeles, appearing all over film and television.

Valorie is proud to bring together business-minded mentors, her team of coaches (also all working actors), and her own uniquely insightful grasp of the entertainment industry and its future to offer this weekend just for actors.

Her film credits include: 
Resident Evil: Extinction, The Hannah Montana Movie, Her Forgotten Daughter, Namour, Sex, Death & Bowling, A Better Life, An American Christmas Carol, Divorce Invitation, Penance, The Smell of Success, Parasomnia, Wrestling With Alligators... 

Her television credits include: 
How I Met Your Mother, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, American Horror Story, General Hospital, Workaholics, Castle, Awkward, True Blood, 90210, ER, Desperate Housewives, Good Luck Charlie, Kickin’ It, Huge, Missing Persons, The Job, and Comedy Central’s American Body Shop... 
Valorie Hubbard
Los Angeles based ACTOR'S FAST TRACK works exclusively with actors teaching them entrepreneurial skills and business mindset to help them better achieve their goals -- resulting in more professional connections, more auditions, and booking more acting work, not to mention leading more fulfilled lives because they've been empowered to take control of their careers.

ACTOR'S FAST TRACK is proud of their unique outlook in an often cutthroat, competitive industry: we are actors for actors, sharing knowledge, opportunities, and creating a community of support.
Our Actors have appeared on...
Last year's event gave me the shot of adrenaline I needed to get hyper focused, and get moving in a more specific and successful direction. A few weeks after returning to NYC I signed across the board with a major agency, started getting in the room for much more TV/Film, and booking theatre. 

Since Game Changer 2016 Auditions & Bookings include:
Anne in The Diary of Anne Frank at Olney Theatre Center in DC
Marlene in What Rhymes with America at The Public Theatre in ME
CBS pilot Drew
lead in Amazon pilot 
feature film Pottersville staring Michael Shannon
Untitled Louis CK Project 
Difficult People
I Love You... But I Lied
multiple commercials, including national Dunkin Donuts commercial 
voiceover auditions for Disney, Nickelodeon, and more
Signed with Stewart Talent commercially/VO 

Working with Valorie and AFT made me realize that I am in control of my acting business. Networking for me used to feel like a desperate move, but once I understood not to approach it as a "selfish want" and more like 'what can I do to help the other person' it became easier and continues to become easier. Since my time with Valorie and AFT I have become more confident in the audition room because I have become more confident in my business. 

Since Game Changer 2016 Auditions & Bookings include:

Brooklyn 99 (2 times in 2 weeks)
I'm dying up here 
Young and Hungry 
Blunt Talk 
Young and the Restless 
Suburbicon (Coen bros.)
The Odd Couple (3 times)
Superstore (2 times)
2 different Nickelodeon shows
Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything 
Gracie and Frankie
Hand of God 

Valorie has given me the focus and permission to take charge of my own career. ​I went from being just another actor kicking around Hollywood to a laser focused entrepreneur that has complete control of my acting career.

Since Game Changer 2016 Bookings include:
UCLA student film
USC Grad Film
Geffen Playhouse
Code Black 
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Modern Family
AFI Grad Film

What impacted me the most from the conference is how to make, create, and maintain connections and contacts with Casting Directors. Valorie taught me to get in to the side door with them, make a memorable impression, and get asked back. The first Monday I finished the seminar, I went out to some places I auditioned before and made my self known. As a result, I got one voice-over booking which led to 5 more bookings with the same company.

Since Game Changer 2016 Auditions & Bookings include:

TBS Pilot "Slammed"
TNT Pilot "The Neighbors"
Criminal Minds
Wayward Pines
Commercial "O'Keefe's Hand Lotion"
Hello Giggles
The Simpsons
Family Guy "Guide" Video Games - Google Play
Minecraft "Guide" Video Games - Google Play
Subway Surfers "Guide" Video Games - Google Play
Deer Hunter "Guide" Video Games - Google Play
Candy Crush "Guide" Video Games - Google Play
Yngnfrsh Music Video "Mom (Lead)" 
MOMsters - ADR voice match 

From working with Val since last November, I got a concrete understanding of the subtle, subconscious ways I had been limiting myself before/during auditions over the past 15 years. I am now treating my career as a business as opposed to a "dream", thereby removing (still working on it) emotional barriers. This brought me ROI of 500% whaaaaat? and SAG-AFTRA Insurance eligibility for the first time in years.

Since Game Changer 2016 Auditions & Bookings include:
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 
The Middle 
The Good Place 
Go Big (straight to producers!)
Mommy I Didn't Do It (straight to director!)
The Santa Clarita Diet 
Ingrid Goes West 
Grace & Frankie 
Jane the Virgin 
American Housewife
plus over 24 commercials!

Sometimes I look back at all of the amazing opportunities I’ve had in the last two years and it surprises me. And it all started happening after I started breaking the rules and followed Valorie Hubbard’s guidance. AFT changed the course of my career.  

Since Game Changer 2016 Auditions & Bookings include:
Series Lead pilot audition for Carla Hool
Audition for a supporting role in three feature films
Audition for guest star role 
Two auditions for co-star roles
Booked a great supporting role in my first feature film with an amazing director
Booked a Co-Star role in an upcoming web series 
Eligible to join the Union
Signed with VSEG Management
Signing with DDO Artists Legit 
Booked a SAG Industrial
Called back for a SAG-AFTRA National commercial
Direct request to audition for the Pittsburgh Public Theatre by the show’s director.
And I could go on! It has been an amazing year, and things are just getting better!

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